Shortyman Acres

At The Tomlinson Farm


This website is dedicated to our family’s adventures going from city folk who love camping and the outdoors in Colorado, to rural Oklahoma homesteaders.  We cannot, however, do this without paying homage to the family that brought us here.

The land we will be moving to originated with Great Great Grandpa Cornelius during the land run.   

Great Great Grandpa Cornelius
 Cornelius’ daughter, Hazel married Great Grandpa Glen, and Glen built a home and barn with his own two hands for he and his wife.  They raised three children in this home, one of which was Grandpa Bill.  

Great Grands Hazel and Glen
 Grandpa Bill also lived here for a time, and while he and his wife Elra raised their children in the city, that didn’t stop Bill from frequenting the family farm and hunting with his boys.  He raised his son Michael with the same love for hunting game and fishing ponds.  After his two boys were grown, Grandpa Bill and Gammy moved onto the farm and eventually into his fathers farmhouse.

Gammy (Elra) and Grandpa Bill


Mark and Mike

It was during this time and on this farm that my husband lived some of his fondest childhood memories.  He hunted and fished with his dad, grandpa, and cousins.  He listened to his grandpa tell stories in a way only he could.  He dreamed with his dad about all of the amazing things they could do on this farm and the legacy they wanted to leave for their children.This legacy and deep rooted love for family is what inspired us to return.  The Lord has been paving the way and compelling us forward, and it is always with His help and guidance that we take each step.  Along with Gods help, we have received an overwhelming amount of love and support from each of our families.  We are so very blessed and grateful for each and every one of them.  We are especially thankful for all of the stories our families have been so willing to share in order to give us a glimpse of the amazing men and women responsible for giving us our parents!

Team T