A Mighty Oak

My husband’s father often shares stories told to him by his grandmother, Hazel.  One such story is that of Great Grandpa Glen and his amazing strength.

Glen Stood 5’6” and was as broad as he was thick. He couldn’t wear a watch because his wrists were so big! He could take a regular pair of pliers and snap through a barbed wire fence in one motion. He threw bales of hay (not straw) to the top of a ten foot stack for hours. Those weighed close to 70 pounds each!  In the 1930’s, a travelling carnival man brought a professional wrestler out to the farm having been coaxed by others in the community. He said the Carny man was told how strong Glen was and wanted him to wrestle his Pro Wrestler. As the crowd gathered around, Glen said he wasn’t interested when suddenly the Wrestler leapt upon him! In one swift motion Glen threw him to the ground and pinned him to the uproar of all the men who had followed them out from town. The Carny man was a promoter and begged Glen to join the circuit where he would make three times as much in one month as he made in a year farming. It would mean travelling six months out of the year. Glen softly said, “I’m a farmer…thanks for stopping by”.


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