Taken for a Ride

Our homestead is now equip with a septic system!  

I decided to start out with the good news.  Now comes the bad news.  We hired a company called All Stars Mobile Home Services to move the house we purchased.  Because we’re out of state, he wanted a deposit before he started the work.  We agreed on the condition that, because we’re out of state, he send progress photos.  Over the weekend we heard nothing and he didn’t answer his phone or call us back.  Now we’re worried.  So we start googling old boys name and find arrests for drug possession among other things.  We finally get a hold of him and he tells us his girlfriend fell asleep at the wheel and was in a car accident over the weekend but reassures us that he will be getting to work and will have the job done on time.  We don’t hear from him for another two days.  I start researching again and stumble on this website:  http://m.chickashanews.com/news/allegedly-intoxicated-woman-arrested-after-crashing-into-budget-inn-sign/article_750e2d84-2f05-11e5-bdca-67e83e7eac10.html?mode=jqm

So this guy took our deposit, bought drugs, got high all night and his girlfriend crashed his car and got arrested.  He has yet to do any work  for us, and it would seem he has taken our money and run.  We’re now two more weeks behind and a quarter of the money short for the move, which we’ll have to go after these people for later.  

The Lord sure is giving us tons of growth opportunities, please keep us in your prayers!


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