Drywall Seams, Bad Electric Work, and Holey Floors, the Stuff Dreams are Made of…

This house is the first home renovation project either my husband or I have ever done.  There aren’t just a few things to fix up here, it ALL needs fixed up.  That means rewiring the electrical, new sub flooring, new drywall, all of it.  What can I say, we like to go big.

Originally, after my mom saw our new home, she told me if our marriage can survive fixing up this house, it will be able to survive anything.  I politely agreed and laughed at the time, but two weeks into this project I’m realizing how right she was!  We both have so many ideas for this place with virtually no experience, and for me, Miss Terrible Communicator, that means no vocabulary on construction lingo as well.  So when I have one of these brilliant ideas of mine, I feel like a toddler trying to communicate with words for the first time.  I probably also behave like a toddler would when my husband doesn’t understand what I’m trying to say.  Ultimately, I’ve resorted to drawing pictures as a means of communication.

Our first project in the house was some subflooring repair in our entryway.  We had to remove a section of the original, which quite honestly was the difficult part as well as our first time using a circular saw, quite the learning experience.  We then built boxes to reinforce the floor.  I’m so thankful for YouTube for this, we learned ahead of time to measure all four sections of the square just in case the joists are uneven; they were. Then we measured and put the new stuff on top.  At this point, we’re looking like a pretty awesome team, I’m measuring, he’s cutting, things are going good!


Boxes reinforcing floor
Boxes reinforcing floor

Next we moved on to the electrical.  We hired a super awesome dude named Jackie to get the panel hot (that’s me repeating words I heard to sound cool and knowledgable) and to do a once over on the old joint.  Along the way, this guy explained everything and Cody learned so much from him.  One of the things we learned was how to mount electrical boxes and replace old outlets, so that’s what we did.  We ROCKED this!  And just as I’m feeling cocky and gloating about how amazing of electricians we are, we go for the light switch without researching it first, wire it just like we were the outlets, turn on the power and POP!  Oopsie daisies.  You don’t wire a light switch the same way you do an outlet, FYI.  We get it figured out and I’m so proud of what we accomplished in the kitchen.

image image

This brings us to the drywall.  Currently the bane of my existence are those newly installed electric boxes and the correct measurement of the holes to cut out of the drywall.  I have to say, I did a bad job measuring precisely and hated every minute of trying to cut rectangles out of a 1/2 inch thick green board with a box blade.  I measured EXACTLY and didn’t leave any room for the tiny space by the wall or other pieces of drywall.  I had to scrap an entire board once, it just was not fun.  I’m happy to say we’re done with the drywall in the kitchen!  It is coming together very nicely and I can’t wait to get to the fun stuff in there and get it up and running!  These frozen dinners are killing me!



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