The Quick Tricks on Leveling Floors and Kitchen Cabinets

happy Labor Day weekend everyone!  My wonderful mom and dad from CO came to town this weekend and helped us stain and mount our new kitchen cabinets, and I am gaga about them right now!!
Oh, you want to know the quick trick to bypassing your uneven floors?  Sorry, I don’t have that.  That was a really mean joke.  It is the biggest pain in the neck of all time.  Dramatic tonight little lady?  Yes, I am, I am so tired and worn out.  My kitchen happens to slope away from my external wall and has a couple uneven warpy spots (have I mentioned it’s a pretty old house?  Quit judging, judgy pants).  So we thought about using a concretish self leveler but we would have needed like literally a ton and I’m not sure this old girl can handle that kind of weight so we went with wood shims.  Lots and lots of wood shims.  The big slope just stayed right the way it is, and the warpiness we tried to even out as much as possible prior to the flooring.  

I think it looks alright.

The cabinets we opted for a one step stain made by Cabot after conditioning the oak, and it looks amazing especially for how easy it was.  Thanks to my beautiful mother for her practically professional staining skills!

My husband and pops killed it with the cabinet mounting and as stressful as it was supervising and leveling six hundred times, I’m sure it was much tougher doing the actual heavy lifting and work.  We had to shim the walls so we didn’t break the cabinets when we screwed them up.  (I make myself laugh).  We had to shim the floors, for reasons I’ve already explained.  We shimmed the shims.  Have I mentioned this is an old house?  Ok. The end result looks so incredible I’m just gushing about it!!  I’ll save the before and after for when we have our appliances and counter tops, but here’s the cabs for now:

Having pipes to my home and my septic connected would just rock my world right now, but for now, we’re celebrating our new cabinets and almost finished kitchen!


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