Bathtub Blues

ok, I’ll admit this title may be a little misleading.  This post IS about installing our new bathtub but the emotions behind it weren’t necessarily the blues.  It very easily could have been, but it turned out to be pretty hysterical instead.  Let’s start at the beginning:

We have a bathroom that is 60 inches wide exactly.  Having said that, some of you already know where this is headed, I didn’t.  The old bathtub was a soaking tub with three pieces of liner.  It was a little icky so I wanted a new one.  The liner came out after removing a few screws but the tub was kind of sort of a huge pain.  All I remember was that there was a rubber mallet involved.  This little tidbit of information, again, didn’t register until later.  Let’s just go buy us a new tub!  No big deal!  So we get to HD and browse the selection.  We can buy porcelain that’s cheaper but super heavy-yuck.  Or we can go with these tub and liner configuration where you buy all the pieces separate, or you can purchase the gem on the end that is a tub/liner combo, all one piece, just slip her in!  That sounds easy peasy, we go with the latter.  It took quite of maneuvering to get the whole piece in the front door, but we did it. It didn’t occur to me that this installation was going to be a problem until my husband asked, “how wide is the bathroom doorframe?”  The answer to this question is 26 inches.  Our bathtub dimensions are 30x60x74.  We try to push it in anyway, you might have guessed we were unsuccessful. As a side note, the fiberglass meshy business this thing was made out of left me with thousands of tiny cuts all over my arms.  I would advise some long sleeves if you end up reading this and think, “this sounds like an awesome adventure, I’d like to try that.” 

Anyway, needless to say we had to cut out our doorframe.  Once the tub was in we couldn’t turn it so we had to remove all of our drywall also.  I don’t really know how to get drywall back on the walls behind the tub, so I didn’t put drywall on the walls behind the tub. This may haunt me later, I’m not sure.  

I’m sure getting the tub in should be a joyous occasion but it took an entire day and ripping a room apart that we now have to put back together, so that puts a damper on the celebration part.  We still have to figure out the drain and level it, but I’m tired of looking at it right now so we’ve tabled the tub for the weekend.

Have a blessed weekend, all!

Team T


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