Kitchen Countertop and Sink Install

My husband and I completed our very first counter and sink installation!  I’ve been the official measurer, and if you’ve seen my work, you’re probably wondering why…

But it’s actually working out really well and I’m getting better at it all the time!

So I was in charge of measuring the sink hole.  Everywhere I’ve read has been super intimidating and I’ve got this ” you’ve got one shot, don’t screw it up” mentality going so I don’t ruin the entire countertop with a mismeasurement.  My husband has become the “master of the saws”, in under ten years, and expertly cut the hole.  We seem to have a knack for cutting things as close as physically possible with all of the stuff we do, so it turns out, this sink fit exactly into our 32″ sink cabinet, but at least it fit, praise Jesus!

So, aside from the fact that we don’t have our disposal plugged in or water on the “on” position because we need to make sure everything drains properly, and that’s above our pay grade, our kitchen is just about ready!  We will have some finer detail and decorative additions when funds allow, but I couldn’t be happier with this transformation!! 





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