In Loving Memory

It is with tears and a sad heart that I write this.  Our 11 year old nephew, Tyler passed away this morning around 2 am.  Tyler had friedrichs ataxia, autism, diabetes, and heart issues.  It was his loving, beautiful heart that failed him in the end.  I’m thankful to God that he took our sweet Tyler home in his arms peacefully, with his remarkable mother by his side, as she had been, through all of the rest of his last days.  

There are no words to describe the loss I feel knowing I won’t be able to kiss his sweet face again, but I am so blessed to have had every moment I did with him, and will forever treasure those moments in my heart.

The first time I met Tyler, like most people, he stole my heart.  I was wearing flavored lip gloss and gave him a kiss and his eyes got huge and he said “yummy!” He probably gave me 20 more kisses that day. For years after that whenever he’d see me he would say “Christine! Yummy!” Tyler was one of the most attentive listeners I’ve ever had a conversation with, adults included. He made me feel so special and loved because he seemed to hang on my every word. He asked so many questions and he remembered everything I said. I am going to miss his random text messages about Mine Craft, bowling, and the occasional reminder of the family tree and how I’m his aunt, but I’m tami’s sister-IN-LAW because I’m married to Tamis brother Cody. He even went so far as to memorize the dynamics of my own family, and asked me about my brother and sisters and five nephews and two nieces, and always made sure to mention “my mom doesn’t have any nieces.” I know, Tyler, not a sensitive subject or anything! 🙂 I’ll miss playing rock band with him.  He was getting so good at those drums. I miss the sound of his voice and that contagious giggle. Mostly I’m going to miss that smile.  

Tyler, with all my heart, I love you. 

Love – Auntie Christine


2 thoughts on “In Loving Memory

  1. May the God of all comfort comfort you all!It is difficult at best to say goodby to those we know who have lived a long life and are ready to meet the Lord!Yet Jesus said let the little children come unto me,for of such is the kingdom of God!We were praying for Tyler and had everyone at our church as well.Thank God for an eternal hope,that we may see our loved ones again.Praise the Lord!


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