Working to Fund Our Homestead Hobby

Having a hobby homestead wasn’t the original plan when we laid this all out a little over a year ago.  We wanted the land to work for us and have a self sustaining place to live.  We aren’t there yet.  So far we’ve put every dime we had into the place, which has also been matched by a loan we have to pay back.  I had to get a job two hours away to try to pay our fixed bills, and Cody will have to get an additional job so I can come back home and take a break from the long hours and driving time.  During the time I was working, Cody made a lot of progress at home.  Our home has carpet, fresh paint, and furniture!

We just added blinds and curtains to the living room windows, and refinished the fireplace.

The place is really coming together and it feels good in here, even though there is still much to do!

Outside, Cody finished the chicken coop and our chicks are doing really well!  We used almost all donated material and it is really large and cost us nothing out of our own pocket, just codys free labor 🙂


I have every intention on posting more often now that I’m back home!  Still thankful for the generosity of our family.  It is wonderful being so near family out here.  I’ve seen more of this side of the family in under a year than I think I have the last seven of our marriage!  God is good!


6 thoughts on “Working to Fund Our Homestead Hobby

  1. Wow! God bless your journey! Everything looks great. I wanted to share with you from 11 years of raising chickens the perch on your picture, the board needs to be turned on end so they can perch on the narrow side. Or replace it with a strong sapling. The current perch will be uncomfortable for their feet and they will poop on it. Also in cold weather they need to be able to grasp the perch and cover their feet by tucking them all the way in their breast feathers. Larger breeds may find that too high to fly up to when full grown. If you have any. Chicken questions feel free to ask me. I have done this a long time!!!!! 😃

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