Huck and Grizz Bag a Porcupine

Huck barks at everything.  We learned early on that our basset hound will bark relentlessly at a toad in the middle of the night.  We generally take Hucks alerts with a grain of salt.  But when Grizzly gets going, we’re on it.  So around midnight last night Huck starts in.  He goes on and on for a good five minutes, finally Grizzly comes to check out the situation and then he starts up.  That’s when Cody heads out the door with a shotgun, and no flashlight.  I start having visions of dead dogs because our dogs do not like to be called off of anything.  Thankfully, this thing was a porcupine and they’ve learned the hard way what happens when you get too close, twice.  So Cody literally takes a shot in the dark and comes back for his flashlight and another shell to finish the job.  

Job well done, dogs.  This thing cost me $160 in vet bills this year and was within 20 ft of the house, glad to be rid of it.


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