Egg-citing Moment!

After months of nurturing and building coops and runs and nesting boxes, my visit to the little ladies this morning produced our first egg! I have to say this was the most exciting event for me so far on the farm, another dream coming true after so much hard work, it feels amazing. I was … More Egg-citing Moment!

I Messed Up

I put the air filter in wrong, and my furnace froze.  AC has been off all day and it’s hot in here! I hate it when I do dumb things! I’ve been so preoccupied the last few weeks, and it’s messing with me.  I’ve been diving into Gods word so much lately because I’m at … More I Messed Up

Happy 4th Everyone

We were blessed to spend Independence Day with family this year.  This was mine and the kids first 4th of July with Gammy!  We enjoyed spending time with her along with Uncle Mark and (most) of his family.  The fireworks were amazing, but nothing could top the view of the billions of stars in the … More Happy 4th Everyone