Cheers, my aunt kay

My aunt Kay, who lived into her mid nineties, passed away yesterday.  She was the older sister of my sweet grams.  She was married to my uncle jack as long as I can ever remember and they had no children.  Even though they had no children, they had a loving family.  My mom sent my aunt key a Mother’s Day card every year, as long as I can remember.  My dad drove her around like miss daisy and my parents and grams enjoyed many amazing meals and Sunday’s together.  Uncle jack passed one week after my little Leo was born.  Aunt Kay clung to little Leo like a security blanket and adored him.  She told me so many times how much she loved him and what a blessing he was for coming at just the right time.  Dusty and Kay had a sweet bond too that I didn’t even realize until looking through old pictures.  I noticed I have so many pictures of dusty hugging aunt Kay and getting kisses.  

My aunt Kay, in our last conversation , albeit over several glasses of wine, told me she felt close to me, like we had so much in common.  She always told me how much she loved my hair, and she always tried so hard to connect.  She may have felt she had work to do to be part of the family, but it wasn’t necessary, she was already there, and we love her so much.  Even through all the “sister bickering” you knew those old Betties loved each other, and we love them dearly.  I’ll miss all of it.  I’ll miss aunt Kay.  She was so special to me.  I’ll miss her purple teeth and lips sitting on her recliner smiling from ear to ear.  I’ll miss her talking to me SO loudly because even though I hear just fine, she didn’t, so she overcompensated.  I’ll miss hearing my grams talk about her and smiling to myself thinking this better be how me and my sisters are when we’re old!  Mostly i hope and pray that she knows how incredibly loved she was.  I hope she knows we’ll remember her with love every day, every family dinner, we won’t forget her.  I hope she knows she was important to us.  I love you aunt Kay.  


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