Celebrating Family,Christ’s  Sacrifice, And New Beginnings!

Tonight instead of getting started on my homework, I decided to take a brain break and reflect on the last couple of days.  I’ve had such an awesome, warm, fuzzy feeling about my kids getting to spend more time with their cousins!  I love the fact that Cody and I get the chance to get to know his cousins and spouses as adults, and I also love hearing their stories reminiscing about their adventures and memories they made here at the farm!  As I sit and listen sometimes I peek over at Joyce and catch her grinning from ear to ear, soaking in every last bit of time with her grandkids and great grand kids.  Occasionally, she’ll engage with the littles and ask questions  or try to get them to eat something!  I wonder what it was like when Bill was around, and I imagine him smiling down on his family beaming with pride as they continue his legacy.  I catch Gwen stopping her work for just a bit to stand behind the couch and chat with us, before she goes back to work at something again!  Grandpa Booo is outside giving the kids rides on the tractor and Gator.  I’m surrounded by and filled with so much love in these moments.

Then I’m reminded of my own family and the time I spent with my cousins, making up dance routines, playing on my grandmas weird waist shaker machine, being scared to death of grandpas puppets in his house up in the mountains, wearing a pretty white hat that I never could keep on to go with my homemade dress my grams made me every Easter.  So then my heart aches.  But then I hear little Leo tell me he’s going out to play with his friend Tiegan again and my heart smiles.  So many emotions and ups and downs to remind me I am alive, which is nothing short of a gift from heaven.  

I’m endlessly grateful for the gift of grace Jesus gave me when he gave up his life on the cross and took my punishment so I can be blameless when I meet my father in heaven.  The knowledge of his sacrifice has changed my life.  God bless you all, and Happy Easter!


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