Guess who gets to get lasik tomorrow as a graduation gift?!! Yep! This girl!  My sweetest of sweets momma and daddy are getting me lasik and I’ve never been so excited/nervous!  Ok I have but it was probably because I was getting on a plane.  I am so spoiled rotten and so thankful for the … More LASIK!!!

Bring it, 17!

I’m home alone for the first time in 2017. I’ve been overwhelmed with family time and laughs and love!! (In fact my sternum still hurts from laughing with my sister 10 days ago!) I’m so thankful for the time I’ve had with family and even more thankful for the peace I have to officially start … More Bring it, 17!

I miss my son

I am a Christian woman.  What that means to me is that I am an incredibly flawed, sick, sinner in need of Gods help. One such thing that is plaguing me as of late is this horrible feeling of injustice.  I have been the best mother I could for my son as long as I’ve … More I miss my son

New Biz

I’ve started my own consulting business selling Scentsy.  I sell warmers, wax, diffusers, essential oils, laundry and beauty products.  This is a whole new adventure for me and I am incredibly intimidated, excited, and vulnerable all at once!  I want to contribute to our family and I also want to share my love for the … More New Biz

One of Those Moments

As I sit in my living room surrounded by (most of) the sweet men in my life, listening to the chatter about our Halloween decorations I just put up too early, what scary movie to watch next, along with what Christmas movie will follow so we don’t have nightmares, and Christmas time coming up, I … More One of Those Moments