Celebrating Family,Christ’s  Sacrifice, And New Beginnings!

Tonight instead of getting started on my homework, I decided to take a brain break and reflect on the last couple of days.  I’ve had such an awesome, warm, fuzzy feeling about my kids getting to spend more time with their cousins!  I love the fact that Cody and I get the chance to get … More Celebrating Family,Christ’s  Sacrifice, And New Beginnings!

Family Dinner

I am SO excited to be hosting family the weekend after thanksgiving❤️ sweet Gammy will be at the house directing me while I cook, and I’ll have the wonderful Miss Gwen, cooking guru, to make sure I don’t mess everything up!  I’m so excited to try this chocolate dessert I keep hearing about!  I’m also … More Family Dinner

One of Those Moments

As I sit in my living room surrounded by (most of) the sweet men in my life, listening to the chatter about our Halloween decorations I just put up too early, what scary movie to watch next, along with what Christmas movie will follow so we don’t have nightmares, and Christmas time coming up, I … More One of Those Moments

Cheers, my aunt kay

My aunt Kay, who lived into her mid nineties, passed away yesterday.  She was the older sister of my sweet grams.  She was married to my uncle jack as long as I can ever remember and they had no children.  Even though they had no children, they had a loving family.  My mom sent my … More Cheers, my aunt kay

Happy 4th Everyone

We were blessed to spend Independence Day with family this year.  This was mine and the kids first 4th of July with Gammy!  We enjoyed spending time with her along with Uncle Mark and (most) of his family.  The fireworks were amazing, but nothing could top the view of the billions of stars in the … More Happy 4th Everyone

In Loving Memory

It is with tears and a sad heart that I write this.  Our 11 year old nephew, Tyler passed away this morning around 2 am.  Tyler had friedrichs ataxia, autism, diabetes, and heart issues.  It was his loving, beautiful heart that failed him in the end.  I’m thankful to God that he took our sweet … More In Loving Memory

Campfire With Poppy

my father in law came to help with the house and got the boys a special project to put together.    We’re so excited for our new fire pit and immediately christened it with s’mores with poppy! We are so blessed