The Legend of Shortyman


When Grandpa Bill was a little boy all the roads were dirt and red rock. When it rained they became slick and hazardous to travel. One summer night during a thunder storm they kept hearing a strange noise from down at the creek bridge. It was an eerie moan that they heard between the clap of thunder and hard rain. As soon as the storm passed Grandpa Bill took a lantern and journeyed down the hill to the creek bridge. There in the darkness he heard again the low pitiful moan of agony. He summoned up courage and went closer. Suddenly at the edge of light he saw a short man covered in mud crawling up the embankment. His old car had slipped off the wooden bridge and into the raging creek. His skin had turned an eerie blue color from shock! Grandpa Bill was just a small boy so in terror he ran back up the hill to get his Dad’s help. But when they returned the man was nowhere to be found. All Grandpa Bill could say is “it was a Blue Shorty Man” . Back then they had no phone so it took quite a while to get the Sheriff out to recover the old car but Shorty Man was never found. Some say he roams the creek still in search of little boys and at night you can hear his moan down there! 


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