Taken for a Ride

Our homestead is now equip with a septic system!   I decided to start out with the good news.  Now comes the bad news.  We hired a company called All Stars Mobile Home Services to move the house we purchased.  Because we’re out of state, he wanted a deposit before he started the work.  We … More Taken for a Ride

Out of Control

My family is finding out very quickly how little of anything is under our own control.  The current lesson at hand: the weather.  There has been an unheard of amount of rain following Oklahomas long drought and this is causing serious flooding all over the place.  This flooding is causing a substantial amount of extra … More Out of Control

A Mighty Oak

My husband’s father often shares stories told to him by his grandmother, Hazel.  One such story is that of Great Grandpa Glen and his amazing strength. Glen Stood 5’6” and was as broad as he was thick. He couldn’t wear a watch because his wrists were so big! He could take a regular pair of … More A Mighty Oak